Back in the Studio

With the back-to-back shows in November and December, I did not get much time in my studio (aka garage) to throw clay. Over the holidays I was away (in Chile) and I returned with the flu. A perfect storm for months away from the wheel.

This weekend, I got back in the saddle (so to speak). At least, back on the stool. It felt good . . . wedging the clay, centering and throwing 10 tumblers.

Just before the holidays, I got an order for 4 tumblers. As I am not a “production” potter, this means I have to throw more than 4 to get 4 that are pretty similar. I was surprised to find that without a scale to measure my balls of clay, I was pretty spot on for the height (5 1/2″). The circumference might be another matter. I neglected to use my calipers to measure. We shall see.

It was wonderful to reconnect with the clay. It felt like spending time with an old friend.

I had wedged two extra pieces to throw some bowls; however, the late afternoon sun started coming in the garage door and I was forced to shut-down my operations for the day.

Next up . . . Trimming the tumblers.

About The Author

Heather Morrow

Heather has been throwing clay for 8 years at Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena. She is also a proud member of the following ceramic associations: NCECA (National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts) ACS-DC (American Ceramic Society - Design Chapter) Potter's Council AMOCA (American Museum of Ceramic Art)